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All Spider-Man Black Cat stakeout locations

Screenshots, locations and explanations for solving each and every Black Cat stakeout.

Black Cat stakeout locations appear dotted around Spider-Man's world after you've worked your way through a decent chunk of the main story, tasking you with finding a little Black Cat doll hiding somewhere in plain sight, and snapping a picture of it.

Simple enough on paper, but there's the odd one that you might find a little elusive, so here on this page you'll find our rundown of all Black Cat stakeout and doll locations in Spider-Man, with pictures showing exactly where to find them, so you can claw through those tricky ones on your way to hunting her down.

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How Spider-Man Black Cat stakeout locations and solutions work

Black Cat missions, dubbed Stakeouts, become available after you complete the main story mission Home Sweet Home - when you have, the next story mission will be Stakeout, which introduces you to Black Cat for the first time (at least, via audio message) and takes you through the mechanics of one of her Stakeouts.

Each Stakeout location has a little equipment on a rooftop like this.

The way they work is simple enough - somewhere within sight of the Stakeout location is a little Black Cat doll, normally perched partially obscured in a doorway or window. There's usually a bit of graffiti nearby depicting Black Cat herself, which helps you zero in on the right location.

All you have to do is find the little doll with your camera, zoom in, and snap a picture of it to complete the Stakeout. You can find the solutions to all of them, including that first one that you do in the story mission, just below.

All locations are as follows:

Story Mission Stakeout location

Midtown Stakeout 1 location

Midtown Stakeout 2 location

Upper East Side Stakeout location

Harlem Stakeout location

Upper West Side Stakeout location

Hell's Kitchen Stakeout 1 location

Hell's Kitchen Stakeout 2 location

Greenwich Stakeout location

Financial District Stakeout 1 location

Financial District Stakeout 2 location

Chinatown Stakeout location

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Black Cat stakeout final location and rewards

After completing all of the Stakeouts, you'll get a new Sidequest waypoint on your map, labelled Cat's Cradle - you've finally tracked down her lair.

When you get there - it's on the Upper West Side - you'll need to clear out the Sable Base first. Once that's out of the way, head into the closed off tunnel and look to the right to find the entrance, marked on the wall with a slightly obvious Black Cat graffiti tag again.

Have a little dig around inside, and when you're done interact with the voice recorder on the table for a pretty sweet reward.

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