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Spider-Man Circuit Puzzle and Pattern Puzzle solutions

Solutions for Spider-Man's various Circuit and Pattern puzzles for every story mission.

Circuit puzzles and the less common Match the Pattern puzzles are two of the more sciency tasks you'll need to complete as Spider-Man throughout the story and around the game world.

Here on this page, we'll provide a list of Circuit puzzle solutions and Pattern puzzle solutions that you'll need to get through Spider-Man's main story missions, plus some quick tips for how to solve each of them if you'd rather work out the brain teasers yourself.

For more guides like this, plus plenty of tips too, you can cycle back to our main Spider-Man walkthrough and guide hub.

On this page:

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How to get the target voltage and solve circuit puzzles explained

Generally, there are a couple of things you can do to make your life easier when tackling Circuit puzzles.

After your first one, you're going to not only need to get the current from one end to the other, but also do that whilst hitting a target "voltage" - which basically involves putting the right numbers into the "positive" and "negative" slots on the circuit board.

Trial and error is one way to do it, but you'll soon find yourself hitting a wall that way if you try it in some of the more complex puzzles with a larger selection of available pieces for you to choose from. Instead, our best advice is to turn the problem on its head.

The complexity increases quite a bit when you have to consider voltage - but they're still very doable!

We recommend you actually start at the end of the puzzle, rather than the beginning. By which we mean working your way backwards from the orange end piece towards the green start piece. This often narrows things down for you significantly in terms of what route you can take.

Otherwise, the main advice we have is to figure out the voltage pieces - the ones marked positive (green) and negative (red) - before you do the rest. Once you know which ones need to go where, it's simple enough to connect them together and finish the puzzle off.

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A Fresh Start Circuit Puzzle solutions

Strong Connections Circuit Puzzle solutions

Breakthrough Circuit Puzzle solutions

Looking for more help? Our main Spider-Man walkthrough and guide is where you'll find a hub of all our pages, or you can go straight to our guides to Resources, like Backpack Tokens, Base Tokens, Challenge Tokens, Crime Tokens, Research Tokens and Landmark Tokens, our big list of all Spider-Man suits, all Black Cat Stakeout locations, all Secret Photo Ops locations or, finally, our list of Spider-Man Circuit Puzzle and Pattern Puzzle solutions.

How Match the Pattern puzzle solutions work

These ones are generally, we think, quite easy. There are also fewer pattern puzzles in Spider-Man than there are circuit puzzles, but still, they can hold you up when you miss something obvious from time to time!

Like Circuit puzzles, these get more difficult over time but are usually still simple enough.

There's no rule of thumb for these, but remember that the thicker lines are created by putting two lines on top of each other - so ones that line up exactly, not next to each other as you'd expect when creating a thicker line. Tackle them one at a time, and remember there are sometimes multiple solutions to the same pattern, so if you're stumped on one pattern it might be your solution to another one that you actually need to change!

My OTHER Other Job Pattern Puzzle solution

Picking up the Trail Pattern Puzzle solution

Streets of Poison Pattern Puzzle solutions

Cycle back to our main Spider-Man walkthrough and guide hub for more pages like this to help you along the way.

Spider-Man Octavious Lab Project Puzzle solutions

As you progress through the story, you'll also unlock a handful of puzzles - of both kinds - to solve in Dr Octavious' lab.

Most of these reward you with a trickle of XP - 100 each - but the odd one also gives you a Research Token, and solving all of a specific kind, like say all of the Circuit Puzzles, also rewards you with four more Research Tokens. Even better, completing both sets will grant you the tophy named "A Bit of A Fixer Upper", which is nice!

They're worthwhile then, and faily quick to blitz your way through too - here's a quick rundown of the solutions for each!

Octavious Lab Circuit Puzzle solutions

1. Actuator Precision

2. Minimal Grip Force

3. Spatial Mapping

4. Balance Compensation

5. Power Efficiency

6. Microcable Calibration - 41

7. Machine Learning Sub-system

8. Stage 1 Intracranial Interface

9. Stage 2 Intracranial Interface

10. Precision Targeting

Octavius Lab Pattern Puzzle solutions

1. Material Candidate Test: L37

2. Material Candidate Test: X23

3. Material Candidate Test: B62

4. Material Candidate Test: V13

5. Material Candidate Test: C06

6. Material Candidate Test: V77

7. Material Candidate Test: S12

8. Material Candidate Test: R80

9. Material Candidate Test: X09

10. Material Candidate Test: P12

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