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Sony's new PS5 model uses less power during games

Redesign more efficient.

The insides of Sony's newest PS5 model have been redesigned to use less power.

A new lighter model was spotted last month in Australia, though it was unclear what changes had been made.

Now, YouTuber Austin Evans has ripped open the new model to discover plenty of changes (thanks The Verge).

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The new 1200 model is 200g lighter than the most recent revision and pulls a significantly reduced wattage, making it more power efficient.

Inside, the console has been redesigned. There's now a differently shaped (and smaller) heatsink, an additional heat pipe at the rear, and a new smaller motherboard.

Other changes include an enclosed CMOS battery and a different SSD enclosure.

The bottom line, according to Evans, is the new PS5 model pulls 20-30 watts less during gaming but with the same noise and heat output.

As Evans notes on Twitter: "Sony shrank almost everything including motherboard and the internal packaging to make it lighter and almost certainly cheaper (for them)."

Consumers outside of America, however, will still need to pay an increased cost for the console.

You can watch the full breakdown by Evans below.

The new PS5 is BETTER

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