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New, lighter PS5 model spotted in Australia

Lighter than launch.

A new, lighter PlayStation 5 model has been spotted in Australia.

Japanese retailers are set to get a new PS5 model (CFI-1200) from 15th September, said to have a new chipset with higher availability.

However, that new model is already available now in Australia, as spotted by PressStart.

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The only immediate difference seen so far is that the console is lighter, owing to different component parts.

The new Digital PS5 (CFI-1202B) is 3.4kg, while the Disc PS5 (CFI-1202A) is 3.9kg, according to the manual in the new models.

That makes the Digital model 500g lighter than the launch model and 200g lighter than the previous revision in 2021. Meanwhile, the new Disc model is 600g lighter than launch and 300g lighter than in 2021.

It's unknown what new components are resulting in the lighter weight (whether it's the chipset or not), but the previous revision was due to a new heatsink.

It's also unclear if this new model has impacted the recent price increase of the console. Expect this lighter model to become the standard once released globally.

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