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Sony details Home update plans

Lots of stuff coming "in a few weeks".

PlayStation Home's community manager "Ted the Dog" has listed the short-term update plans for the PS3 virtual world. It seems there's a lot of content imminent, but he can't be specific about most of it.

According to Mr. the Dog, "spaces" for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and SOCOM: Confrontation are "nearly ready" and "due within a few weeks", as are the purchasable Street Fighter IV outfits.

Content relating to Siren: Blood Curse, Resident Evil 5 and Warhawk (which we were expecting to see last week) is "being prepared". "We will bring you more information on these as it becomes available," says our canine friend.

Slightly more concrete is a revised Home Square, coming "in early March, possibly as early as the 5th".

It sounds like Ted's got some news about expanded game launching support he can't tell us, because it would involve talking about unannounced patches to other people's games. He hopes to bring us news (can you guess?) "in the coming weeks".

On the long-promised music support, he's more guarded. "Playing your own music to others within Home is an extremely complex licensing issue that will take time to solve, if it is at all possible.

"In the meantime we are investigating various ways of allowing you to play your own music to yourself. We are also talking to other 3rd parties about making their music available to you in various ways," he says.

Finally, unlockable Street Fighter IV items (rewards for winning online matches) are already in Home, and some clothing's been added, including free Watchmen t-shirts and outfits which are now available from the Threads store.

Apart from the ones that are "not quite ready and will follow on as soon as they are".

Plenty going on then, but it seems like "never give a date until you know it's ready" is one of the many rules of running an online world that Sony has yet to learn.