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Sonic Frontiers leaks ahead of release date

Spoilers unleashed.

Sonic Frontiers leaks have emerged ahead of its release next week.

As the prologue comic and animation suggest, Sonic Frontiers is a more story-driven adventure than you might expect, so this is your notice to watch out for spoilers online.

And don't worry - we won't share any here. Instead, here's the latest trailer.

Sonic Frontiers - Showdown TrailerWatch on YouTube

Retailers have reportedly broken the street date, so details are now floating around social media.

There's even a Switch ROM of the entire game being discussed over on reddit.

That said, Sega is seemingly working hard to contain the leaks, as posted by Twitter account SSF1991.

The game's sound director has also chimed in as the game soundtrack leaks. "Please don't leak the unreleased Sonic Frontiers tracks and spoil the game to everyone, it makes me sad to see people ruining the experience for others," said Tomoya Ohtani.

Leaks are becoming a sadly frequent occurrence in recent times. God of War: Ragnarok also releases next week but spoilers have already been popping up.

Director Cory Barlog said it's "stupid" fans need to dodge spoilers. An official statement was then released as Sony Santa Monica battled the leaks.

That follows the likes of A Plague Tale: Requiem and Gotham Knights, which leaked as well.

Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka recently noted that Sonic Frontiers "isn't similar at all" to Breath of the Wild, despite its more open design.

Sonic Frontiers will launch next week on 8th November across all consoles and PC

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