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SEGA to sort out Bayonetta PS3 load times

Fans report waits of around 25 seconds.

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SEGA has admitted Bayonetta PS3 load times are "overwhelming" but says a patch is "under consideration" to iron the problems out.

"I can speak on [the developer's] behalf in saying that a patch to correct this issue is under consideration through development to address the matter of the overwhelming load times with Bayonetta," wrote a SEGA rep on the PlatinumGames forum (via 1UP).

"Something I cannot address directly is when this will occur. However, I will be tracking this directly on all sides (the Japanese, North American, and European versions) to ensure that we know exactly the status of each one. Provided that I am given full disclosure on this, I will be sure to keep you posted on what to expect."

SEGA and not PlatinumGames built the PS3 version of the game, and there has been a clear difference in pre-release code between PS3 and 360 builds.

There are reports on the forum of 25-second load-times for stages, 10 second waits for cut-scenes and five-second delays for menus.

Both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are due out here on 8th January 2010.

We have, however, imported the Japanese (released late October) to review. Look out for our thoughts on the game today.

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