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Santa Claus is coming to town in Phasmophobia

You better not cry…

A creepy Santa Claus is making the rounds following Phasmophobia's new Cursed Possessions update.

We knew something festive was happening following Kinetic Games' tease of a patch called the Christmas [REDACTED] Update a couple of weeks back, but now it looks like the new addition - described in the patch notes only as a "strange new ghost type" - is on the loose.

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As for those cursed possessions? Initially, we only knew that they would include a tortured voodoo doll and a summoning circle, but we now know that the other items on the list that will spawn, at random, at the start of each contract also include a music box, haunted mirror, tarot cards, and ouija board (for which you now have to say goodbye to finish talking to a spirit "or else"...)

"Several sightings have been noted of cursed objects, in locations where a ghost is haunting," the update teases (thanks, PCGN). "These must be the cause of ghosts being trapped there. You might be able to use these to your advantage, but be careful, we don't know what they're capable of."

Visitors spending time in Maple Campsite now will also see festive snowfall, along with a handful of seasonal decorations. Oh, and spirits can now throw stuff at you...

For the full patch notes, head on over to Steam.

As is traditional with horror-flavoured games, the last big update came just before Halloween. Phasmophobia Nightmare saw Slender Man making unexpected appearances in Phasmophobia, as well as introducing a nightmare difficulty, two new ghost types, a rework to the difficulty, and a new campsite map.

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