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Phasmophobia will introduce summoning circles and a tortured voodoo doll as a Christmas treat

Silent nightmare.

It looks like Phasmophobia fans will be getting an early Christmas gift courtesy of a new update currently called Christmas [REDACTED] Update.

Though most of the salient details remain unknown - including when the update will release - we do, however, get an early peek at some of what's coming in the new content.

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According to a new card on the game's public Trello board, new cursed possessions are en-route, including a tortured voodoo doll, a summoning circle, and new ouija board questions (thanks, PCGN).

There's "more" teased - naturally - with two big-ticket possession items also listed. However, they too are getting the redacted treatment for now, so watch this space.

The news comes hot on the heels of the Halloween update, Nightmare, which saw Slender Man has been making unexpected appearances in Phasmophobia. It included a nightmare difficulty, two new ghost types, a rework to the difficulty, and a new campsite map.

Phasmophobia's previous update, Exposition, rolled out at the end of August. The new content fixed numerous bugs and features "new and improved" equipment, which includes the DOTS projector, and two additional ghosts, "the newly discovered Myling and Goryo". The co-op ghost-hunting game is created by 25-year-old UK indie developer 'Dknighter', who recently took to Phasmophobia's Steam page to announce the planned expansion of studio Kinetic Games.