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Resident Evil 7 File locations to unlock the The Devil Is in the Details Trophy

How to find every hidden clue and story details, and get an Achievement in the process.

Resident Evil 7 Files are one of several collectibles to be found through the game's story.

These Files provide additional story context as well as clues for puzzles and hidden items around you, so it pays to keep an eye for them as you play.

By reading every File in a single playthrough you can unlock the The Devil Is in the Details Trophy / Achievement, and since there are instances where you cannot backtrack to previous areas, it helps to get them first time.

If you're interested in other collectible lists, we also have articles on Mr Everywhere statues and Antique Coins.

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Resident Evil 7 File locations for the The Devil Is in the Details Trophy

The following List presents each File as the game displays them in Resident Evil 7.

If you have missed a file, the entry will be blank, letting you know which one it is.

For the most part, each one is discovered in chronological order, making the process a little easier.

Some additional notes (and some light spoilers) - there is a second list for another character you play as; the room locations listed what they are named on the game's official map, and note some files require you to actively inspect them and read them on both sides to log them completely, which will be noted below.

Ethan File locations:

File nameLocation
Email from MiaYou'll have this in your inventory at the start of the game. Investigate and read it to add it to your log.
List of Names (Front)Guest House B1. Interact with file on the same table as the Bolt Cutters.
List of Names (Back)Guest House B1. Interact with file on the same table as the Bolt Cutters, and read both sides.
Home-improvement Store ReceiptMain House 1F, Dining Area. On the wall.
Newspaper Article - Missing People:Main House 1F, Dining Area. Investigate the pile of newspapers.
Newspaper Article - Over 20 MissingMain House 1F, Main Hall. Investigate the table to the west.
Jack's JournalMain House 2F, Recreation Room. In the drawer on the west side of the room.
Jack's MemoMain House 2F, Recreation Room. By the door.
Travis' Memo (Front)Main House 1F, north east safe room. In the drawer.
Travis' Memo (Back)Main House 1F, north east safe room. In the drawer, read both sides.
Incinerator Room MemoMain House B1 Processing Area, Incinerator Room. Investigate above the sink.
Memo About ReliefMain House 2F, Grandma's Room. On the left as soon as you enter.
Doctor's LetterMain House 2F, Grandma's Room. Inside the drawer.
Zoe's Investigation NotesYard, Trailer. On the pinboard.
Marguerite's WarningOld House 1F. Pinned next to the Crow Door leading to the 2F Attic.
Serum DocumentationOld House 2F, Attic. Investigate the lid of the Serum case.
Marguerite's NotebookOld House 2F, Altar. File is on the desk next to piano.
Memo on Deputy's HeadYard, Trailer. In the fridge after you get the D-Series Arm.
Lucas' JournalMain House 2F, Kid's Room. On the desk to the west.
Torn Page from JournalMain House 2F, Kid's Room. On the desk to the east.
Clock MemoMain House 2F, Master Bedroom. Taped to the globe.
Memo on Burnt CorpseTesting Area 2F, Rest Area. Attached to the corpse.
E-Necrotoxin DocumentSalt Mine, Storage Space. Inside the lid of the E-Necrotoxin briefcase.
Infection ReportSalt Mine, Storage Space. On the desk as soon as you enter; item needs to be investigated.
Email LogSalt Mine, Cultivation Room. Investigate the laptop.
R and D Report [1 of 2]Salt Mine, Storage Space. On the desk behind the E-Necrotoxin case.
R and D Report [2 of 2]Salt Mine, Storage Space. On the desk to the right of the E-Necrotoxin case.

Want more help? Our Resident Evil 7 walkthrough provides step-by-step instructions on how to survive the main story, as well as finding the Shotgun, Grenade Launcher and the game's many Lockpicks and Treasure Photos. Meanwhile, our Antique Coins locations, Mr Everywhere statue locations and File locations lists will help you find every available collectible on Normal and Easy difficulties.

Mia File locations:

File nameLocation
Jim's LetterWrecked Ship 1F, Bunker room. On the bed in the corner.
Giovanni's WillWrecked Ship 1F, in the room south of the Bunker Room. Investigate the desk.
OrdersWrecked Ship 2F, Guest Room. On the desk during Old Videotape or in the present.
Mechanic's MemoWrecked Ship, elevator. On the wall next to the slots of the Power Cable and Fuse.
Tattered Secret DocumentWrecked Ship 3F. In the corridor to the east after playing the Old Videotape

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