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Repeat Home users total 25 - 30 per cent of PSN account holders

Estimates Sony Europe executive.

Sony's Peter Edward has said the percentage of PSN account holders who have downloaded Home is between 25 and 30 per cent.

That figure is only an estimate and the stats "aren't definitive", Edward said - they are constantly changing. He couldn't confirm how many users are online at any one time but did say it's "many thousands".

Apparently there was massive interest in Home when it first launched seven months ago, but numbers subsequently tailed off. According to Edward this was due to a lack of content - but the numbers of users and repeat visitors are now increasing as content grows.

As reported earlier the number of people who have downloaded Home now stands at 7 million.

UPDATE: This story originally said the 25 - 30 per cent figure referred to the number of repeat Home visitors. Sony has since clarified that the figure refers to the percentage of PSN account holders who have downloaded Home. We sincerely apologise for the error.