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PowerWash Simulator celebrates 3m players, opens nominations for next filthy addition

For the sprayers.

PowerWash Simulator - developer FuturLab's wildly compelling dirt-busting squirt 'em up - is currently celebrating 3m million players having hoisted nozzles since the game's launch on Xbox and PC back in May. And that milestone coincides with the opening of nominations for the next filth-encrusted edifice to be added to the game.

There's not much more to say on the 3m players front, which Futurlab announced on Twitter earlier today, other than to say its success is thoroughly well-deserved. Eurgamer's Robert Purchese - who wrote about the serene pleasures of PowerWash Simulator's sedate busywork in July - is far from the only member of the editorial team to have fallen in love with its daffy charms and compulsive rhythms.

And if, like me, you've reached the end of PowerWash Simulator's gloriously ludicrous campaign and urgently require more things to blast back into the realms of cleanliness, the good news is FuturLab is currently working on new additions - with the developer currently taking suggestions for what should come next.

Cover image for YouTube videoPowerWash Simulator Launch Trailer
PowerWash Simulator - Launch Trailer.

PowerWash Simulator's Mini Golf Course, Gnome Fountain, and Steam Locomotive were all borne from community suggestions, and FuturLab is now doing it all over again, with players able to submit fresh ideas in the 'job-suggestions' section of the PowerWash Simulator Discord.

FuturLab will continue accepting new ideas for the next few weeks, whereupon all nominations will be collated and the studio's design team will begin shortlisting the ones that show the most promise in terms of how they can be development and how popular they may be. After that, the community can begin whittling down the remaining suggestions via a knock-out style voting tournament until the winners are decided.

FuturLab notes that new jobs take a long time to develop, so it could be some time before the results of the vote make it in-game. However, the studio says it already has "lots" of new maps currently in the works, and that it'll be announcing the next batch of planned additions "soon".