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Porsche coming to Assetto Corsa later this year

Pigs might fly.

Assetto Corsa is getting the coveted Porsche licence, with cars from the Stuttgart marque coming to both the PC and console versions of Kunos' driving simulator this autumn via DLC.

It's an impressive coup for the relatively small developer, especially given how scarce Porsche has been in driving games in recent years. Turn 10 were able to prise away the licence briefly from EA for two Forza Motorsport packs, the most recent coming for Forza Motorsport 6, but beyond that other games have lacked the presence of one of the most iconic brands in the automotive world.

"I can't describe how proud we are about this partnership with Porsche, and how exciting it is to bring back the Brand in the simracing world," Kunos Simulazioni's Marco Massarutto said on Assetto Corsa's forums. "This autumn, Assetto Corsa will be the only multi-platform title to have the Porsche brand in a genuine racing simulation.

Cover image for YouTube videoAssetto Corsa Porsche Reveal Trailer

"The gamers, and our fans really want to have the chance to DRIVE the Porsche cars in a realistic manner. It's a privilege, and a big responsibility for us. We are working closely with Porsche with the aim to reproduce each single model with the maximum accuracy, and the fact that the same simulation will be used at Porsche race centres will push our team even more to provide the best Porsche virtual experience ever."

Assetto Corsa came out of early access late in 2014, and it's since emerged as one of the top driving games on PC. A console version was due this month, but has since been put back to August.