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How to beat Director Clavell in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet during a Challenge from Cassiopeia quest

How to progress with the Starfall Street story.

Clive was Director Clavell all along (we're shocked), and to progress with the Team Star Starfall Street story, you'll have to beat Director Clavell in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

We've detailed how to beat Director Clavell in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet below, which includes exactly what Pokémon he'll use during the battle, including the last one, which will differ depending on your starter Pokémon.

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How to beat Director Clavell in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Once you return to the Academy as part of the Challenge Cassiopeia quest during the Starfall Street storyline, you'll be faced with none other that Director Clavell himself.

Clavell is a tough opponent, using Level 60 Pokémon of various types, so you'll have to get pretty far in the game and do a lot of levelling-up if you want to beat him.

We recommend bringing lots of Potions and status-healing items with you for taking on Clavell, as his party will inflict various status effects. Full Restores and Max Potions are the best, but if you don't want to use-up your Full Restores, then make sure you have other items like Awakenings, Burn Heals, and Ice Heals.

During the battle, Director Clavell will use six Pokémon:

  • Oranguru - Level 60
  • Abomasnow - Level 60
  • Polteageist - Level 60
  • Gyarados/Houndoom - Level 60
  • Amoonguss/Houndoom - Level 60
  • Skeleridge/Meowscarada/Quaquaval - Level 61

The last three Pokémon Director Clavell used depends on what starter you picked. If you choose Sprigatitio, you'll get Gyrarados, Amoonguss, and Skelredige.

If Fuecoco was your starter, you'll get Houndoom, Amoonguss, and Quaquaval.

Those who choose Quaxly instead will get Houndoom, Gyarados, and Meowscarada.

Oranguru is a dual Normal and Psychic-type, so using high-level Bug or Dark Pokémon will be your best option here. A Level 56 Clodsire with Megahorn helped us beat Clavell's Oranguru.

Abomasnow is a dual Grass and Ice-type, so ideally, use Bug, Fire, Flying, Poison, Rock or Steel moves against it. Our Level 56 Armarouge took out the Abomasnow quickly.

Gyarados' type is Water and Flying, so Electric and Rock-types will work best here. You can use Grass-types too, but they're vulnerable to Gyarados' Flying moves. Our Level 57 Pawmo managed to take out Gyarados in one hit of Wild Charge.

Houndoom is a dual Dark and Fire-type, so is vunerable to Fighting, Bug, Fairy, Ground, Rock, and Water moves.

Polteageist is just a Ghost-type, so use Dark or Ghost-type moves on it. Although, you'll be vulnerable to Polteageist yourself if using a Ghost Pokémon. We used a Level 57 Houndstone here.

Amoonguss is a dual Grass and Poison-type, so Fire, Flying, Psychic and Ice moves will work well against it. We brought our Level 56 Armarouge back into the fight to defeat Amoonguss in two hits of Flamethrower.

How to beat Director Clavell's last Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The Last Pokémon Director Clavell uses will be the final evolution of the starter that neither you nor Nemona picked at the beginning of the game. So, if you picked Sprigatito, you'll face Skeleridge, if you picked Quaxly, you'll get Meowscarada, and if you picked Fuecoco, you'll go against Quaquaval.

Additionally, Clavell's final Pokémon can Terastallize - so be careful here and make sure to Terastallize your own Pokémon to help defeat it!

Skeledirge is a dual Fire and Ghost-type, so you should use Ground, Rock, Water, Ghost, or Dark moves against it. Although keep in mind that you'll be vulnerable to Skeledirge's Ghost moves if you're using a Ghost-type yourself. We got Skeledirge during our fight against Clavell, so Terastallized our Level 57 Clodsire to beat it.

If you get Meowscarada you should use Flying, Poison, Fire, Ice, Fighting, Bug, or Fairy moves against it, as it's a dual Grass and Dark-type.

Whereas if you're up against Quaquaval, you should use Grass, Electric, Flying, Psychic, or Fairy moves to beat it, as it's a dual Water and Fighting-type.

Remember to Terastallize your best counter to Director Clavell's last Pokémon if you're finding the fight too tough!

You'll get 13,420 prize money for beating Director Clavell, and can battle Cassiopeia next during the Starfall Street story.

Or maybe you want to continue with Victory Road or Path of Legends first?