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How to beat Cassiopeia in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Guess who.

To conclude the Team Star Starfall Street story, you need to beat Cassiopeia in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

We've detailed how to beat Cassiopeia in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet below, which includes exactly what Pokémon she'll use during the battle, and the best counters.

Just be aware of spoilers to Cassiopeia's identity below!

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How to beat Penny in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Once you return to the Schoolyard area of Naranja Academy, you'll finally take on the leader of Team Star, Cassiopeia.

You'll soon find out that Cassiopeia was actually Penny this whole time, and can either fight her after the reveal, or come back to the Schoolyard later to take her on.

Penny uses Level 62 and 63 Eevee evolutions of various types, so you'll have to get pretty far in the game and do a lot of levelling-up if you want to beat her.

We recommend bringing Full Restores and Revives with you for taking on Penny, especially if your Pokémon are below, or are at the same level, as Penny's.

During the battle, Penny will use six Pokémon:

  • Umbreon - Level 62
  • Flareon - Level 62
  • Vaporeon - Level 62
  • Leafeon - Level 62
  • Jolteon - Level 62
  • Sylveon - Level 63

Umbreon is a Dark-type, so using high-level Bug, Fairy and Fighting Pokémon will be your best option here. A Level 58 Tinkaton helped us beat Penny's Umbreon in two moves of Play Rough.

Flareon is a Fire-type, so ideally, use Ground, Rock and Water moves against it. Our Level 58 Clodsire took out the Flareon with one use of Earthquake, but took a large amount of damage from its Flare Blitz, so be extra careful here.

Vaporeon' type is Water, so Electric and Grass-types will work best here - but Penny's Vaporeon knows Aurora Beam, which is strong against Grass-types, so pick an Electric Pokémon if you can. Even with this disadvantage, our Level 59 Meowscarada managed to take out Vaporeon in three hits of Energy Ball.

Leafeon comes after, and is a Grass-type, so use Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice or Poison-type moves against it. A Level 58 Armarouge with Flamethrower made short work of Penny's Leafeon, taking it out in one move.

Jolteon is up after Leafeon, and is an Electric-type, so Ground moves will work the best against it - but you can also use less effective Grass, Electric, and Dragon-types if you need too. We brought our Level 58 Clodsire back into the fight to defeat Jolteon.

Sylveon is Penny's last Pokémon and is a Fairy-type, so you should use Poison and Steel moves against it. Keep in mind that Penny's Sylveon will Terastallize, so we Terastallized our Level 59 Clodsire (who had the Poison move Sludge Wave) to beat it.

We don't recommend taking on Penny's Sylveon without Terastallizing your Pokémon with Poison or Steel. As, unless you're incredibly over-levelled, it'll take a few hits from a Super Effective powerful move to defeat Penny's Sylveon. Which will dish out powerful attacks in the meantime - so bring good healing items!

When you've defeated all of Penny's Eeveelutions, you'll get 15,120 prize money for beating her. Go to Director Clavell's office next, then leave the academy to have one last conversation with Penny to complete the Starfall Street story.

You'll also get the TM169 Draco Meteor, and unlock more TM recipes.

Now that you've completed Starfall Street, it might be time to time to finish off Victory Road and Path of Legends!

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