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How to get Skrelp and Clauncher in the latest Pokémon Go event

Where to find the new Pokémon in Rivals' Week.

Skrelp and Clauncher headline the latest Pokémon Go event, Rivals' Week.

The arrival of any new creatures in Pokémon Go will always attract a flurry of interest - and between their evolutions Dragalge and Clawitzer, means you can add a total of four new additions to your Pokédex this week.

As well as spawning in the wild, Skrelp and Clauncher are also available as part of research tasks and in raids - so keep your eyes peeled throughout the event.

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How to get Skrelp and Clauncher in the latest Pokémon Go event

Skrelp and Clauncher, both Gen 6 Pokémon, debut as part of Rivals' Week, an event which began on April 13th, 2021.

Though they do spawn in the wild, early reports suggest they are rare (though this might be partly due to a visual bug for some players) - but thankfully, they can also be found in several other ways while the event is active.

You can find Skrelp and Clauncher during the Rivals' Week event by:

  • Finding them in the wild
  • One star raids
  • Event-specific research task reward (Win a Raid)

In other words - if you can't find either in the wild, then it looks like participating in Raids if your best step.

It's likely both Skrelp and Clauncher will be around after the event wraps up. The distribution of new Pokémon which arrive in events is hard to predict and varies dramatically, so it's worth trying to catch them both via the above sources while you can.

The World of Wonders season has come to Pokémon Go, which has brought the World of Wonders quest. Don't forget to try out Routes, Gift Exchange and Party Play while you're hunting down rare Pokémon, fighting in the Go Battle League or competing in PokéStop Showcases.

Skrelp and Clauncher evolutions Dragalge and Clawitzer explained

Both Skrelp and Clauncher have evolutions which cost 50 Candy. This was down from 400 Candy for Skrelp, which was originally set to require 400 Candy in early datamines.

Skrelp, a Poison / Water type, will evolve into Dragalge, a Poison / Dragon type.

Skrelp evolves into Dragalge.

Meanwhile, Clauncher keeps its Water-only type when it evolves into Clawitzer.

Clauncher evolves into Clawitzer.

If you were wondering how competitive either Dragalge or Clawitzer are for raids and Go Battle League - neither of them have the stats, typing or move set for them to make a dent in the current meta.

In short, these are best tracked down just to fill your Pokédex. With 100 Candy between them, that should be more than enough to keep you busy until the event wraps up!