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Pokémon Go Castform forms explained

How to make use of the weather to help you catch each type of Castform form in Pokémon Go.

Collecting all Pokémon Go Castform forms is another goal to aim for when you've eventually completed your Gen 3 Pokédex.

Like Unown in Pokémon Go, there are multiple types (known as forms) of the same creature to find out in the wild.

However, unlike Unown, there are only a handful to track down, and they aren't dependent on an event or sheer luck, but the weather.

How many Pokémon Go Castform forms are there?

If you're looking to catch every type of Castform, there are a total of four forms to look out for.

Though Castform as a whole occupies one entry in your Pokedex, selecting it reveals the various forms available to you, and which ones you've caught.

Each form as a unique appearance based on the type they adopt, whether it's Normal, Sunny, Rainy or Snowy.

Helpfully, each variant you haven't caught will show as a shadow on your radar, highlighting the fact you haven't caught that form yet.

Unlike Unown, which added additional forms across generations, Castform's four forms were all available during Gen 3, and as such can be caught in the game right now - under the right conditions.

Looking for more Pokémon go tips and tricks? The latest events are Legendary Week and the return of Party Hat Pikachu for Pokémon Day, with the next Community Day to come in March. There are also even more Raid bosses out in circulation now, and these follow the final wave of Gen 3 Pokémon arriving in February, which introduced Castform and Swablu, as well as changes to 2km, 5km and 10km Egg charts, region exclusives, Buddy distances and Shinies. Ever-expanding Pokédex completionists, meanwhile, might want to read about the various Special Items available as well as the various methods for determining Eevee evolutions, too.

How to get all of Pokémon Go Castform forms

Castform forms are based entirely on the current weather you are experiencing. Though it's not an exact science (much the Pokémon Go weather effects system itself) broadly here is how you can expect to find each one:

Castform formWeather conditions
Normal CastformClear weather, Cloudy weather, Windy weather
Sunny CastformSunny weather (even possibly at night)
Rainy Castform Rainy weather
Snowy CastformSnowy weather, Foggy Weather

Note once a particular Castform has spawned, it won't change form if the weather later changes.

You can also spawn Castform from Lures and Incense, also adopting the weather from which it originally appeared in.

Thanks to The Silph Road subreddit for filling in the gaps (for spawning, fog spawns and nighttime spawns in particular).

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