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Players claim Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's Battle Stadium RNG is rigged

It's super effective.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players have noticed that the RNG of the Battle Stadium is not working as intended.

As shared on reddit, user Lord-Trolldemort noticed that the accuracy of certain moves was rigged.

And as the Battle Stadium is the game's ranked online mode, this could have serious implications.

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Essentially, Lord-Trolldemort has guessed the RNG (random number generator) used to determine move accuracy actually uses the same seed number each time.

That means accuracy of moves can be predicted for easy wins. What's more, powerful one-hit-kill moves with low accuracy can be used at the right time for an instant win.

As an example, the reddit user noticed that frost breath - a move with 90 percent accuracy - would always miss if it was the first accuracy check of a match.

"I've played 14 battles where frost breath was the first accuracy check since I started recording, and frost breath has missed 14 times. For those doing the math, that would be a one in 100 trillion chance if the RNG were working correctly," they said.

Over on Twitter, user Anubis has also shared a video of their experience.

The players haven't noticed this with wild battles or Tera Raid battles, so it seems this may only be an issue with the Battle Stadium.

Still, this is a problem that urgently needs to be addressed in a patch. Eurogamer has contacted Nintendo for comment.

That's on top of the game's poor performance, of course, as outlined by Digital Foundry.

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