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Play as a buff goat in Fortnite thanks to Goat Simulator 3

You herd me right.

A Goat Simulator 3 outfit will be given in-game to Fortnite players who buys Goat Simulator 3 on the Epic Games Store.

After purchasing Goat Simulator 3, players will need to log into Fornite with the same Epic Games account, where they'll receive their goat outfit.

The outfit itself is... something.

Cover image for YouTube videoGoat Simulator 3 – Pre-udder Trailer
Goat Simulator 3 pre-udder trailer.

Literally called "A Goat", the outfit consists of Goat Simulator's protagonist Pilgor looking weirdly buff and wearing a crop top, jeans, and a belt with the number 3 engraved on it. The crop top has the letters "RGDL" printed on it, presumably standing for "ragdoll" (as a goat is prone to do).

The promotion is running until 4.59 am 30th September 2023 (UK time), as specifically mentioned in a blog post on the Epic Store.

For any Fortnite players that purely want A Goat without having to buy Goat Simulator 3, the outfit will go on sale in the Item Shop on 26th November.

Elin Hamberg, lead artist at Goat Simulator developer Coffee Stain North, explained the muscles were added to give Pilgor a "Fortnite twist" as opposed to the series' hyperrealistic style. "If the thought of transforming into a questionably named, half goat/half human hybrid rocking a ragdoll print crop top is still your thing – live your best life,” Hamberg continued.

The Goat Simulator account on Twitter has provided a training montage, in case you were curious about how Pilgor got that sweet, ripped bod.