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Planet Zoo is off to Australia next week in its latest paid DLC

Koalas! Dingos! Red kangaroos! Other cuties!

Cuddly koalas and other Outback-inspired cuties are coming to attraction management sim Planet Zoo next Tuesday, 25th August, as part of its new Australia Pack DLC.

As with Planet Zoo's previous paid DLC - the South America Pack and Arctic Pack - additional animals are very much the focus, and this time players get five new options in the form of the koala, red kangaroo, dingo, southern cassowary, and eastern blue-tongued lizard.

Alongside those critters, the Australia Pack introduces new indigenous fauna and flora, 230 new scenery and building pieces - combining contemporary Australian architecture and upcycled materials - plus new animal toys to increase enrichment.

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Developer Frontier also says to expect new challenge scenarios, designed to put players' "zoo-keeping skills to the test as they race to complete objectives against the clock".

Planet Zoo's Australia Pack will cost £7.99/$9.99 USD when it comes to Steam on 25th August, and it'll be accompanied by a free update for all players, promising new genetics-driven animal colour variations, vending machines, new scenery assets, fixes and improvements, and more.

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