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Planet Zoo heads to the rainforest in April's Tropical Pack expansion

Five new animals, new scenery, and more.

Planet Zoo's slow, steady quest to have all the animals continues on 4th April with the arrival of the management sim's latest paid expansion, the Tropical Pack.

As its name suggests, the Tropical Pack - which will be Planet Zoo's 13th paid DLC expansion - is all about the rainforest, and introduces a total of five new animals. There's the Lar Gibbon, the Red River Hog, the Asian Water Monitor, the Fossa, and finally, the Brown-Throated Sloth - which arrives as a Walkthrough Exhibit addition.

Alongside its critters, Planet Zoo's Tropical Pack brings 200 new scenery pieces inspired by Southeast Asia, enabling players to construct everything from Tongkonan villages to Balinese temples. New tropical flora, meanwhile, includes the Rafflesia (better known as the corpse flower) and the carnivorous Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant.

Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack announcement trailer.Watch on YouTube

And finally, there's a new jungle-bound Career scenario that'll see Tiffany Summers attempting to reverse the fortunes of her father's struggling zoo.

Developer Frontier hasn't shared a price for the Tropical Pack just yet, but, going by previous expansions, expect it to cost £7.99 when it launches on 4th April.

It'll be accompanied by a free update for all players, promising quality-of-life additions, new social dynamics across various species, and more.

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