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Capybara, platypus, and more coming to Planet Zoo in new Wetlands DLC

Arriving mid-April on PC.

If cute critters of the damp variety are your thing, Frontier Developments has you covered in Planet Zoo's latest DLC expansion, known as the Wetlands Animal Pack, which will introduce the likes of the capybara, platypus, and more when it heads to PC on 12th April.

Wetlands, if you haven't been keeping a tally, will be Planet Zoo's ninth DLC expansion since its launch in 2019, following on from the Arctic Pack, South America Pack, Australia Pack, Aquatic Pack, Southeast Asia Animal Pack, Africa Pack, North America Animal Pack, and Europe Pack.

Given that this latest expansion falls into the 'Animal Pack' category, it lacks the zoo-sprucing scenery items seen in Planet Zoo's just plain-old 'Pack' packs, instead choosing to focus on a boosted number of creature additions - in this case bringing a grand total of eight new water-themed species: the capybara, platypus, Asian small-clawed otter, spectacled caiman, Nile lechwe, wild water buffalo, red-crowned crane, and Danube crested newt.

Planet Zoo: Wetlands Animal Pack - Announcement Trailer.Watch on YouTube

In addition to its animals, the Wetlands pack will introduce a new scenario, tasking players with building and maintaining an animal sanctuary in the Brazilian Pantanal.

The Wetlands Animal Pack will cost £7.99 when it comes to PC on 12th April, and, as is now tradition, will launch alongside a free update for all players. This latter will introduce new burrowing behaviours for smaller animals (plus the option to display burrow webcam feeds on billboards), new bathing behaviours, roaming educators that can share animal knowledge with guests as they wander the park, mist and bubble effect water options, a new guest-level Explore Camera Mode, a new Audio Visual Management Screen, and a Flatten to Terrace terrain brush.

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