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Planet Zoo is getting some spooky night-themed DLC just in time for Halloween

Bats! Racoons! Skunks! More!

As the nights start drawing in and the spectre of Halloween looms on the horizon, Planet Zoo is getting just a little bit spooky with the announcement of its new nocturnal-themed Twilight Pack DLC, launching on 18th October.

The big draw of Planet Zoo's DLC is always its creature addtions, and the Twilight Pack brings five new nocturnal species: the Racoon, Red Fox, Common Wombat, Striped Skunk, and Egyptian Fruit Bat. The first four of those are free-roaming, meaning you can plop them wherever you please, while the Egyptian Fruit Bat is restricted to a walkthrough exhibit.

Players looking to infuse their zoos with a touch of gothic flair for Halloween can make use of the Twilight Pack's 200 new scenery items, ranging from castle-themed building parts - including gargoyles and an imposing portcullis - to glowing pumpkins and cauldrons. Even the flora is getting a bit spooky, with Bristlecone pine trees, ivy, and bioluminescent ghost fungus.

Cover image for YouTube videoPlanet Zoo: Twilight Pack | Announcement Trailer
Planet Zoo: Twilight Pack - Announcement Trailer.

Rounding off the ghoulish additions is a new Career scenario, sending players to an abandoned Transylvanian zoo, which they'll need to restore to its former glory.

Planet Zoo's Twilight Pack will cost £7.99/€9.99/$9.99 USD when it comes to Steam on 18th October. It'll be joined by a free update for all players, introducing the likes of 2D backgrounds for exhibits, piebald colour variants for select species, new escape behaviours for animals, a new exhibit population management tab, and the ability for Educators to take out exhibit animals (not including the large or dangerous ones) and hold them for display when giving talks to guests. More details on the free 1.11 update can be found on Steam.