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Planet Zoo adds five endangered animals in new conservation-themed DLC

Arrives alongside free update for all players.

Planet Zoo's steady stream of post-launch DLC continues today with the arrival of its 11th paid expansion, the eco-themed Conservation Pack, on Steam, introducing a selection of new, endangered animals, new scenery items, and more.

On the animal front, Planet Zoo's Conservation Pack brings five new additions - Przewalski's horse, amur leopard, scimitar-horned oryx, siamang, and axolotl - all of which are considered at-risk species as a result of climate change, poaching, and habitat degradation.

Elsewhere, the DLC introduces a new scenario challenging players to assist the Turtlerock Wildlife Orphanage, inspired by Mongolia's Gorkhi Terelj National Park, by rescuing, raising, documenting and releasing as many species as possible. Renewable energy, plant diversity, and sustainability will be an important focus too.

Planet Zoo: Conservation Pack - Launch Trailer.

And finally for the DLC, builders and landscapers will have access to over 150 new ecology themed scenery items, foliage, and props. These include meadows, sunflowers, fig trees, Korean pines, water hoses, wheelbarrows, brooms, responsibly sourced wooden sheds, and recycled glass outhouses.

Planet Zoo's Conservation Pack is available now for £7.99 on Steam, and arrives alongside a free update for all players. The latter adds child-friendly Education Stations, Group Photo options for adults, new sniffing and chorus behaviours for certain animals, plus modular Climbing Frames. These can be used by the Conservation Pack's Siamang, as well as all other animals capable of clambering on thin frames.

Rounding out the list of free additions are Small Habitat Gates, plus Shop Counters and Small Signs. Full patch notes for today's 1.10 update can be found on Steam.

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