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Planet Zoo welcoming sun bears, binturongs, babirusas and more in new Southeast Asia DLC

Launching at the end of March.

Planet Zoo's menagerie is expanding again on 30th March with the arrival of its fifth content expansion, the Southeast Asia Animal Pack.

This latest paid DLC expansion, which follows on from Planet Zoo's Arctic Pack, South America Pack, Australia Pack, and Aquatic Pack, introduces a total of eight new creatures.

There's the Clouded Leopard, a medium-sized arboreal cat more commonly found in the forests and grasslands of Southeast Asia, as well as the docile sun bear, which won't require much ground space but needs plenty of room in the air to accomodate its fondness for climbing.

Planet Zoo - Southeast Asia Animal Pack trailer.

Elsewhere, there's the highly social proboscis monkey - Planet Zoo's first swimming primate - which will need to be kept in groups with ample enrichment items to hand.

Rounding off the animal additions are the Giant Malaysian Leaf insect - the DLC's only exhibit animal - plus the binturong, Malayan tapir, Ussuri dhole, and North Sulawesi babirusa.

Planet Zoo's Southeast Asia Animal Pack, which will cost £7.99/€9.99/$9.99 USD when it launches on 30th March, also includes a new timed scenario set in Perak, Malaysia, challenging players to restore a struggling zoo in a tropical rainforest biome.

Frontier notes the new DLC will launch alongside a free update for all players introducing a range of quality of life features, including multiple zoo entrances, the option to adjust the colour of water, custom billboards, and more. Full details can be found on the Planet Zoo website.

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