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Part of Fortnite's big Chapter 2 finale has leaked

As The Rock teases his character's return.

Just two days away from the end of Fortnite's second Chapter, the game has suffered a monumental leak which reveals the fate of its current, second Island.

Fortnite is due to end this Chapter in dramatic style via a one-off live event this Saturday, 4th December at 9pm UK time. But footage revealing a climactic part of the event has now surfaced, apparently via an ad on Tiktok.

The advert appears to show a recap of the finale event - including several hugely spoilery snippets - before the words "Fortnite Chapter 3" appear on-screen. A TikTok user claims to have been shown the advert early - apparently as a mistake on TikTok's part.

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There's little doubt as to the advert's veracity, as the nature of the Chapter 2 Island's fate fits exactly with previous insider teases. We've asked Epic Games for comment.

We won't spoil the details here - though the advert is available to view via Twitter if you so choose. If you're avoiding spoilers, now is a good time to stop checking social media.

Meanwhile, in a tease almost certainly sanctioned by developer Epic Games, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has dropped another set of hints he is the voice behind Fortnite's mysterious character The Foundation.

Fans have long pinned the character's voice to the wrestler-turned-film star, though Epic Games has always refused to confirm this one way or another.

Today's latest Instagram video from Johnson shows him hawking more of his ZOA energy drink - from a fridge with The Foundation's helmet also in. A mysterious energy gun is also shown in the background, while Johnson drops various obvious hints to Fortnite in his speech and in the video's description.

It is widely-expected that The Foundation will re-appear in Fortnite's live event this weekend.

Finally, Epic Games has asked high-profile Fortnite leakers not to reveal details of the upcoming Fortnite Chapter 3 before the game emerges from its upcoming downtime and comes fully back online. It's a common-enough call, though there's now a conversation going on between leakers such as Hypex, iFiremonkey and Shiina with Epic Games on what more can be done to stop smaller leakers filling the void if they do agree to keep quiet.

There's still no word on when exactly Fortnite Chapter 3 will launch and be playable, though fans expect at least a day of downtime following Saturday's live event finale.

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