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Nintendo Switch OLED screen undergoes 3600-hour burn-in test

A fine display.

A test of the Nintendo Swich OLED's screen has detected slight burn-in - but only after a mammoth 3600-hour experiment.

YouTuber Bob "WulffDen" Wulff has spent the past five months subjecting a Switch OLED to the same image, taken from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (thanks, ArsTechnica).

The good news? It's taken 3600 hours for any burn-in to become noticeable. That's 150 days sat on the same image almost entirely without breaks - something you'll never need to do yourself under normal conditions.

Cover image for YouTube videoMy OLED Switch Finally Burned In...

Even now, 3600 hours later, Wulff says the burn-in is only slight - showing the ghost of the image he had forced his Switch to display. Further testing will now take place to determine how long is needed to fully destroy the screen.

And, of course, it's worth remembering the circumstances here. This is 3600 hours without a break (except for a few prior checks of the screen) and without the Switch's auto-dimming capability (which Wulff kept from activating with automatic button presses from a third-party Joy-Con).

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