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Nintendo removes videos of modded Super Mario Bros. Wonder with swearing flowers

Potty mouth.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder's talking flowers in action.
Image credit: Nintendo / Eurogamer

Nintendo is taking down videos that show a modded version of Super Mario Bros. Wonder with swearing flowers.

The game isn't even out yet, but already it's playable on PC via emulators and leaked copies. That means it's moddable too.

That's exactly what modder Contendo did, making all the talking flowers in the game swear.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder - Nintendo Direct 6.21.2023Watch on YouTube

When Mario passes by one of these cute, innocent-looking plants, it now responds with a resounding "Fuck you!".

Nintendo has, understandably, decided it is not going to stand for that and Contendo's videos - shared on X, formerly Twitter - have since been removed.

"The video is funnier now honestly," said the modder.

Another modder, teesam, has managed to create the head of Sans from Undertale out of blocks, with a talking flower on its head questioning "SANS???".

Responding to the video, teesam claimed the game shares formats with Tears of the Kingdom, making it "surprisingly easy" to modify.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is due out this Friday, 18th October. But beware, spoilers are already out there - on top of these modded memes.

And no, the game wasn't inspired by the Super Mario Bros. Movie.

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