One of 2015's very best gets a well-handled port to PlayStation - and Toby Fox's wonderful RPG finds the perfect home on the Vita.

As ever, it's been a confusing time for Undertale fans. A few days ago, the official Undertale Twitter account released a file for something that seemed to be a survey, but turned out to be a demo for the follow-up game to Undertale. Named Deltarune, the game's first chapter kept players entertained for between two to three hours, and even came with its own original soundtrack.

Ask any Undertale fan what they love most about the game and chances are they'll name the soundtrack. The original music was composed by creator Toby Fox, and received a great deal of praise for its clever use of leitmotifs (recurring themes) to represent each of the main characters. Like 8-bit Wagner, really.

There's a mysterious new Undertale game

UPDATE: Deltarune uninstaller can accidentally delete your files

UPDATE 31/10/2018: Since the events of earlier today, in which the Undertale Twitter account released an entirely new game onto the internet with no warning, multiple players have reported issues when uninstalling the game.

Undertale is finally launching on Switch in September

Undertale is finally launching on Switch in September

UPDATE: Now has a proper release date.

UPDATE 28/8/18: Nintendo's latest Nindies Showcase was positively heaving with rapid-fire, blink-and-you'll miss it details, including the long-awaited release date for Undertale on Switch, now confirmed to be September 18th.

US players can pre-purchase the game on Switch's eShop right now for $14.99 (about 12), and Undertale's official Twitter page notes that pre-purchases are heading to Europe next week.

ORIGINAL STORY 13/8/18: Developer Toby Fox has announced that beloved lo-fi RPG and endless meme generator Undertale will be coming to Switch in September - in digital and physical forms.

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Undertale coming to Nintendo Switch

Cult classic coming… at some point?

Undertale, Toby Fox's cult classic RPG that takes its inspiration from Nintendo's Earthbound series, among other things, is coming to Nintendo hardware for the first time.

Undertale review

Undertale is a game all about endings, so it's fitting that its console release comes towards the tail-end of one particular piece of hardware's life. If this is a finale of sorts for Sony's PlayStation Vita, then it's a wonderfully apt one - there's something irresistible about the pairing of a handheld that became the home of a number of indie darlings and this, the indie phenomenon of the past few years.


Developer: Toby Fox

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2016 IGF Award finalists revealed

Grand prize nominees include Her Story, Undertale, Darkest Dungeon and more.

The 2016 Independent Games Festival has revealed the finalists for its upcoming awards ceremony to take place at this year's Game Developer's Conference.

While it didn't quite come out of nowhere, nobody could have predicted just how huge Undertale would become this year. At the time of writing, 19,394 positive reviews to 321. Half a million sales, by SteamSpy estimation. Beating Ocarina of Time in GameFAQs' Best Games Ever list. Making people give a crap about GameFAQs' Best Games Ever list. It's quite the thing.