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Prey: new screens, info

With added "portal technology".

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3D Realms has revealed some more details of Prey, its forthcoming first-person shooter for PC. You can find some new screenshots here.

The game follows the adventures of a Native American garage mechanic called Tommy, whose daily grind of changing tyres, fixing engines and making up prices off the top of his head is interrupted one day when he gets abducted by aliens.

They take Tommy, along with some fellow Cherokees from the reservation he lives on, to a giant mothership orbiting the Earth. It's a living machine that can sense, react to and even attack Tommy, making his mission - rescuing his girlfriend, defeating the aliens and generally saving the world - an even harder task.

Still, he's got a few tricks up his sleeve, such as special powers Spirit Walking, Wall Walking and Deathwalk, and a helpful sidekick in the shape of a “spiritual hawk” that can understand the ship's alien language.

The game also features something called “portal technology”, which allows enemies to appear out of thin air and creates “new and completely original puzzles and gameplay styles”. Crikey.

It's being built using the Doom 3 engine and will feature multiplayer modes alongside the single-player game, but there's no word yet on what form these will take.

Prey was first announced back in 1997, but was later cancelled so the 3DR team could concentrate on other projects. It's now fully back on track, however, and should be in the shops by Christmas.

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