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The Outfit gets multiplayer maps

New pack now on Xbox Live.

The first multiplayer map pack for Xbox 360 title The Outfit is now available for download via the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Titled Collateral Damage, the pack is comprised of three new maps - the Luftwaffe Finale, Bleak Mile and Eagle's Nest. They all feature interactive and fully destructible environments, so you can blast away at anything in your path.

As you complete objectives and secure strategic points, you'll earn field units that can be used to order Destruction on Demand, where they're airdropped right into the centre of the battle on your command. You can also buy tanks, half-tracks, machine gun nests, anti-tank emplacements, squad reinforcements, air and artillery strikes, amongst other things.

The Collateral Damage pack is available now for 500 Microsoft points - that's £4.25 in the old money.

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