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The Outfit 360 demo soon

Beginning of March.

THQ has announced plans to release an Xbox 360 multiplayer demo of Relic's exciting looking World-War-II-but-not-uptight-about-it strategy shooter The Outfit, which is due out on March 17th.

The demo will launch on March 3rd and weigh in at about 500MB, and features the Estate Assault "Strategic Victory" map.

The Outfit works by giving you one of three squad leading units with a specific loadout of weapons, and then enabling you to deploy additional troops to support you, parachute in tanks, halftracks and other vehicles and set up various types of gun emplacement depending using something called Destruction on Demand - depending on how many of the map's key strategic objectives you own. Of the latter, things like motor pool tents control your ability to deploy certain units, while others act as advanced spawn points.

To see what we made of the single-player during a recent hands-on with preview code, check out our previous coverage. We'll have a review up closer to release.

As for the demo - we'll give you a nudge again on March 3rd, and we also know that it features German game content so that nobody gets upset about all the violence. Aw. There'll be support for up to eight players online, or two via split-screen.