The Outfit

Outfit content now free

Used to cost 500 points.

It is one of the golden rules of life that as soon as you buy something it's inevitably either reduced at the very next shop you approach or it turns up in your Christmas stocking. Twice.

The Outfit patched

The Outfit patched

Field dressing.

Those of you still playing THQ and Relic's World War II title The Outfit will discover that you've to download a mandatory update - in other words, a patch - when you next load the game if you want to continue playing online.

The patch fixes a number of bugs and adds a few minor features that should improve the overall multiplayer experience.

You can now see at a glance whether your fellow players have a decent-quality Internet connection, for example. Presumably they're talking about latency rather than whether their routers are made out of truffles or something.

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The Outfit

The Outfit

What not to wear.

Stubborn, stoic, jobsworth types in peaked caps might fold their arms, turn the corners of their mouth down and tell you that "rules are rules", but when it comes to videogames, rules are made to be bent, or even broken if you've got a better idea.

Relic evidently took this concept to audacious new extremes while making The Outfit, having decided to do the complete opposite of what everyone else has been doing for years - presumably on the basis that it would make its squad-based shooter more fun. Certainly, within the first few minutes of playing this World War II blaster you'll know you're in for 10 hours of Nazi-bashing that defies standard logical gaming convention.

But before we get onto all that, the setting and scenario are anything but fresh, interesting or audacious. Yes, it's another WWII death-fest, laughing in the face of thousands of jack booted Germans in a light-hearted send-up featuring a trio of lantern-jawed Yanks ready to 'kick butt', chase a particularly annoying Nazi all over France and save Europe's hide for the 400th time of asking.

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As promised (well, a couple of days later than promised if we're being pedantic), THQ has released a demo of The Outfit - its forthcoming tongue-in-cheek World War II action game developed by Relic Entertainment - and you can download it now from Xbox 360's Live Marketplace.

The Outfit 360 demo soon

Beginning of March.

THQ has announced plans to release an Xbox 360 multiplayer demo of Relic's exciting looking World-War-II-but-not-uptight-about-it strategy shooter The Outfit, which is due out on March 17th.

The Outfit

Seams like a World War II game.

World War II games are big business and don't we all bloody know it?

The Outfit for 360

New WWII squad shooter.

THQ has announced a new squad-based action game for Xbox 360 from Relic Entertainment, the creator of Homeworld, Impossible Creatures and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War.