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The Outfit patched

Field dressing.

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Those of you still playing THQ and Relic's World War II title The Outfit will discover that you've to download a mandatory update - in other words, a patch - when you next load the game if you want to continue playing online.

The patch fixes a number of bugs and adds a few minor features that should improve the overall multiplayer experience.

You can now see at a glance whether your fellow players have a decent-quality Internet connection, for example. Presumably they're talking about latency rather than whether their routers are made out of truffles or something.

You'll also find that Quick Match always diverts you to the game with the best connection. Voice comms should also be available in every pre- and post-match lobby.

Other changes include the rebalancing of costs associated with the game's Destruction On Demand system. Part of The Outfit's lure is the ability to press the Y button and call in units via airdrop - things like AA guns, tanks and half-tracks - and some of the costs have been tweaked to make them a bit more expensive.

Elsewhere, AA guns have seen their rotation rate and overall health reduced - apparently they were doing a bit too good a job of stamping out the aerial threat given their cost.

That's not all either. In the bug-fixes column, Relic's sorted out vehicle performance so that you're no longer a victim to twitches and glitches, made it so that you can get Multiplayer Achievement rewards through Ranked Custom Matches as well as Ranked Quick Matches, and sorted out sundry other issues - including the presence of people other than Friends on the Friends leaderboard. If only I could do that with the invite list for my birthday party.

See Major Nelson's blog for a full rundown of Outfit fixes.

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