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New Outfit maps this month

Premium reinforcement.

THQ's planning to release some new maps for The Outfit through Xbox Live Marketplace later in the morning.

That's according to CEO and president Brian Farrell, who told investors that THQ "view downloadable content and microtransactions as a key component of our next-gen development efforts".

"We'll start with downloadable maps for The Outfit later this month and plan to offer downloadable content for Saints Row as well," he said.

Speaking to GameSpot, a THQ spokesperson later confirmed that downloadable maps were likely to come in three-packs and cost 500 Microsoft points or less.

Released earlier this year, The Outfit's a World War II strategy-action game where the player adopts the role of a brutish soldier and orders around a squad, gets vehicles dropped in and tries to capture points on a map full of Germans.

We thought it was all right but some way short of brilliant.