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The Outfit demo released


As promised (well, a couple of days later than promised if we're being pedantic), THQ has released a demo of The Outfit - its forthcoming tongue-in-cheek World War II action game developed by Relic Entertainment - and you can download it now from Xbox 360's Live Marketplace.

The demo weighs in at 440.89MB according to the system software, and allows players to try out the multiplayer side of the game (for up to eight players online) and get used to its unique features like Destruction On Demand, which lets you drop in tanks and stuff to ride around on depending on how many points you've built up with the killin'.

Probably worth giving it a go then, although we're not quite sure about THQ's claim that it "takes next-gen online gaming to the next level with [the] first ever pre-launch Xbox 360 online multiplayer demo". Clearly they missed Final Fantasy XI last month and the, er, plenty of PC games.

Still, you can read more about The Outfit demo in our previous bit on it, and you can also see what we made of it during our hands-on time with a preview version.

The full version is due out on March 17th.