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The Outfit for 360

New WWII squad shooter.

THQ has announced a new squad-based action game for Xbox 360 from Relic Entertainment, the creator of Homeworld, Impossible Creatures and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War.

The Outfit is set in Europe during World War II and sees you bringing down the Nazis from behind enemy lines. There are 12 single-player missions to complete plus several online multiplayer modes, including a co-op game.

You can choose to play as one of three different troop leaders, each with unique skills and abilities, guiding two squads of soldiers on a variety of missions with objectives ranging from reconnaissance-and-rescue to search-and-destroy.

Control of the two squads can be switched at any time, so you can use them separately, in tandem or as a single unit depending on the situation. Engaging in combat earns you action points that can be used as you see fit - upgrade your basic weapons, call in the tanks, build yourself a machine-gun nest or order air strikes, if the mood takes you.

"Visceral combat experiences have always been a big part of our games," says Relic bigwig Ron Moravek.

"The team is having a blast creating a squad-based action game that allows us to incorporate some of the strategic elements we're best known for. Delivering this level of gameplay with surround-sound and high-definition capabilities means gamers can look forward to a new level of intensity on the battlegrounds of WWII."

The Outfit is slated for a release by Christmas, and an official E3 unveiling is scheduled for Wednesday - so more news to follow.