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Two Worlds dated

PC/360 RPG due next year.

Reality Pump and Zuxxez Entertainment have revealed that their forthcoming PC and Xbox 360 RPG Two Worlds is due out on 7th March in Europe.

"We decided to give the developers more time for even more enhancements and fine-tuning - perfecting perfection!" says Zuxxez biz dev veep Dirk P. Hassinger.

"We're fully confident that our game will capture the imaginations of every RPG fan the world over."

Two Worlds preaches freedom of choice in player actions, as a complicated tale of ancient deities and new horrors puts one of a pair of worlds in imminent peril.

There's much more on how it works on the game's official site, or it's possible to check out screenshots around here.

We also have a motion captured test session video helping to demonstrate the gorgeous combat animations.