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Koloomn's large over PSP

It's a puzzle game.

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PSP owners still looking for something to follow on from the puzzling fun of Lumines (at least, those of you who haven't given up and bought a DS yet) might be interested to hear that 505 Gamestreet has signed up Japanese developer Cyber Front's puzzle game Koloomn for release on February 24th.

You've probably heard of it even if you think you haven't - it's actually the game known to Americaland as Ultimate Block Party. Released in the US late 2005, it got some pretty decent reviews.

The idea is to rotate four blocks in a little square to make same-coloured groups, which then disappear. It's done on a Tetris-style grid, and - not unlike Zoo Keeper - you can start chain reactions with a bit of swift spinning.

There's Tutorial and Practice modes, an "Endless" mode, an Arcade mode and some Vs modes including Wi-Fi multiplayer for two of you. In multiplayer, each cleared colour is like a special attack against your foe - red makes your opponent's cursor bigger, orange makes the colour of your cursor unrecognisable in your rival's play area, blue makes giant blocks drop on him, yellow hides entire rows from him, and purple makes chunks of his blocks clump together unbreakably.

Check out our screenshot gallery to see how it looks and we'll bring you more on it closer to release. Or if Rupert lets me import it, which seems unlikely after the way he raised his eyebrows at "Rio de Carnival DS (the one about tits) - £22" on the last expense sheet.

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