US name Ultimate Block Party obviously a bit specious for us.

Whichever bit of the colourful manual it is that explains why "Koloomn" is called "Koloomn", when it was called "Kollon" in Japan and "Ultimate Block Party" in America, I haven't come across it.

"Kollon" I understood: that's the name of one of the silly little anime characters who dance along on the edge of the game screen, Super Puzzle Fighter II style, giving the AI opposition a face to want to smack with your fists when you lose.

"Ultimate Block Party" I understood: American publishers thirst for appalling brand names so their games can fail when they head out into tricky, well contested genres. They do this as a personal affront to those of us who actually care about them.

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Koloomn's large over PSP

It's a puzzle game.

PSP owners still looking for something to follow on from the puzzling fun of Lumines (at least, those of you who haven't given up and bought a DS yet) might be interested to hear that 505 Gamestreet has signed up Japanese developer Cyber Front's puzzle game Koloomn for release on February 24th.