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GRAW PC delay explained

By Mr Producer himself.

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Following the announcement that the PC version of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter has been delayed, producer Mathieu Girard has gone on record to explain why.

In short: "To achieve better quality and deliver all the features we wanted to have in the game," according to Girard.

"GRAW PC is a project developed specifically for this machine so its development cycle was different from that of the other platforms."

So what will be different, exactly? Well, the gameplay, for starters. "For instance the ghosts are controlled in a way that is specific to the PC, with a much more accurate order system," Girard said.

"This involves adapting all the game content (including reprogramming completely the enemy AI) and tuning it to this way of playing."

The storyline and setting will be the same as in the Xbox 360 version, Girard went on, "But all the rest had to be reworked, to appeal to a GR1 audience while at the same time taking into account the new PC specific features.

"The other major differences are, of course, full first-person control, and PC-specific multiplayer modes."

Girard described his team's multiplayer plans as "very ambitious" - but don't worry, it's all coming together.

"Things such as simulating a fully interactive physical environment over the network were risky, but we are now comforted that the co-operative mode will deliver unprecedented experience of multiplayer gameplay.

"The domination mode is also very promising as it changes the control of areas to something more interesting than simply capturing flags." That's all he's saying for now, but we're promised more details soon.

The PC version of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is now down for a May release. The Xbox 360 game will be first to arrive on March 10th, followed by the Xbox release a week later and the PS2 version on March 31st.

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