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New DOAX2 details

Hotels, bikini updates, more.

There's so much pre-rendered content in Dead Or Alive X2 that it's filled up an entire DVD, according to Team Ninja's Tomonobu Itagaki.

Speaking in Famitsu Xbox 360, in an article partially translated by IGN, Itagaki also said that the game was now 80 percent complete, with start and end sequences finalised.

The preview also revealed for the first time that the game will feature multiple hotels, with your choice of character sending you to a particular location based on their personality. Elena, for example, prefers the five-star Gemstone Suite, but there's also the Seabreeze Cottage hotel near the beach and Moonlight Reef, which appeared in Kasumi's Dead Or Alive 4 end sequence.

DOAX2, which features jet-ski sections as well as volleyball and a host of mini-games, is very much about the characters and their interaction with you and one another, and Itagaki revealed that if they really get to like you, they may even get changed into new bikinis in front of you. Calm down though, because you're unlikely to see anything.

With the game nearing completion, ahead of its US and Japanese launch dates of 15th and 22nd November respectively, Itagaki confirms that they're down to bug-testing, with approximately half the work done there, along with translation of the huge volumes of text that make up item descriptions, which need to be rewritten in nine languages.

Expect more on the game around the time of its US launch.

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