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DoA film out next autumn

Starring Holly Valance!

Miramax has secured the rights to distribute the new Dead or Alive film and will be bringing the movie to US cinemas next autumn, according to Variety.

DoA: the movie is directed by Cory Yuen, best known for his work as a fight choreographer on movies like The One, Romeo Must Die and Drunken Master. Yuen also did the martial arts choreography for X-Men and Lethal Weapon 4, and worked with Jet Li on the motion capture for PS2 fighter Rise to Honour.

The film was shot in China and is now in post-production, and stars Devon Aoki (Sin City, Fast and the Furious) as Kasumi. Shane Kosugi - who is the son of legendary ninja film star Sho Kosugi - takes on the role of Ryu Hyabusa, and Jaime Pressly (off of Joe Dirt and Not Another Teen Movie) plays Tina Armstrong. Holly Valance, of Neighbours, silly records and having to make reverse-charge phone calls because she is the last person in the world not to have a mobile phone fame, plays Christie.

There's no word on when the film will make it to European cinemas as yet. But don't worry, if you're a fan of videogames adaptations there's always Uwe Boll's BloodRayne and Dungeon Siege movies to look forward to...

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