Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2


Big breasts aren't erotic, says Kamiya

Also: "I am bald, but I am not gay."

Team Ninja has three new games for TGS

To appeal to action audiences worldwide.

Tecmo says no thanks to Square Enix

Would rather merge with Koei, actually.

Big breasts aren't erotic, says Kamiya

Also: "I am bald, but I am not gay."

Team Ninja has three new games for TGS

To appeal to action audiences worldwide.

Tecmo says no thanks to Square Enix

Would rather merge with Koei, actually.

Square Enix offers to buy Tecmo

But won't push it if the answer's no.

Itagaki admits PS3 indifference

Although he loves the Wii.

Review | Dead or Alive Xtreme 2

Just in case the feminist movement needed setting back a few more years.

New DOAX2 details

Hotels, bikini updates, more.

DOA Xtreme 2 update

Itagaki talks girls, skis, cameras.

DOAX2 video up on Live

Not for the first time.

Itagaki made DOA4 while pissed

Well, half the levels. Plus, more on DOAX2.

New DOA Xtreme 2 details

Lots of watersports promised.

More DOA Volleyball 2 news

Cameraman mode promised.

DoA film out next autumn

Starring Holly Valance!

DOAX returns

More sports, more boobs.