Dead or Alive Code Cronus

Tecmo iPhone trio features girls

It's human nature.

Dead or Alive developer Tecmo has announced the launch of three new iPhone and iPod Touch games: Annie's Wild Shot, Rio BlackJack and Girls of DOA BlackJack: The Kasumi version.

DoA film out next autumn

Starring Holly Valance!

Miramax has secured the rights to distribute the new Dead or Alive film and will be bringing the movie to US cinemas next autumn, according to Variety.

DOA Code Cronus is X360

Team Ninja confirms.

Dead or Alive Code Cronus is now officially an Xbox 360 game, Tecmo's Tomonobu Itagaki, head of "Team Ninja", has confirmed.

DOA4, Code Cronus on Xbox 360

Team Ninja talks DOA4 and Code Cronus for next-gen. Also, Ninja Gaiden Perfect Edition?

Development of Dead or Alive 4 for Xbox 360 is taking up "90 per cent" of Team Ninja's time at the moment, according to Tomonobu Itagaki, one of the Xbox dynasty's fiercest proponents and "leader" of Tecmo's Team Ninja.