Dead or Alive 4


Team Ninja teases Dead or Alive 5

"Thinking about" PS3, 360 as platforms.

Big breasts aren't erotic, says Kamiya

Also: "I am bald, but I am not gay."

Team Ninja sings praises of PS3

Reckons Sony console has "most potential".

Team Ninja teases Dead or Alive 5

"Thinking about" PS3, 360 as platforms.

Big breasts aren't erotic, says Kamiya

Also: "I am bald, but I am not gay."

Team Ninja sings praises of PS3

Reckons Sony console has "most potential".

Team Ninja has three new games for TGS

To appeal to action audiences worldwide.

Tecmo says no thanks to Square Enix

Would rather merge with Koei, actually.

Square Enix offers to buy Tecmo

But won't push it if the answer's no.

More DOA from Itagaki?

Plus: DOA4 demo now on Live.

New DOA4 auto update

This one balances things out.

DOA4 patch fixes bugs only?

Doesn't fix spiders.

Feature | UK Charts: DOA4 kicks EA off top spot

Xbox 360 titles shift an otherwise static sales chart.

Review | Dead or Alive 4

Kick in the tits.

DOA4 given UK date

When will we get to... FIGHT!

DOA4 bug erases save data

US gamers not very happy.

Lady Master Chief unveiled

Read all about her past.

DOA4 slips in Japan again

Still December though.

DoA film out next autumn

Starring Holly Valance!

Dead or Alive 4 slips?

Fortunately not too far.

DOA4's Halo char is Spartan

Bungie confirms. Plus shots.

DOA4 lobby system revealed

Chat, watch fights, swim!

Halo character in DOA4

But it isn't Master Chief?

Itagaki says X360 is best

But he reckons most games are struggling to run at 30fps.

Fresh DoA4 details

Team Ninja spills its jubblies.

DoA4 to launch with 360

In Japan, at the very least.

New DOA4 details

Team Ninja bloke speaks out.

DOA4 Xbox 360 shots?

Unconfirmed, but they look real.

DOA4, Code Cronus on Xbox 360

Team Ninja talks DOA4 and Code Cronus for next-gen. Also, Ninja Gaiden Perfect Edition?