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New DOA Xtreme 2 details

Lots of watersports promised.

Tecmo has revealed more details of the sequel to Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

This one's simply titled DOA: Xtreme 2, since it won't just be volleyball you're playing - there are all sorts of beach-related activities to choose from.

Why not enter a few Personal Water Craft races, for example, or grab a rubber ring and head on over to the Water Slider. Or you could hit the pool for aquatic tug of war, or the Hopping Game, where you must travel from one side to the other by jumping across floating platforms.

How about a bit of Hip Wrestling - with your back to your opponent, you must attempt to push them off a platform using only your hips. Then it's back to the beach for a game of capture the flag or, of course, volleyball, before donning your favourite little black dress and paying a visit to Zack's Casino - where you'll find even more games to try out.

We're promised "an abundance" of new swimsuits and accessories (we doubt that includes verruca socks), and "breathtakingly beautiful graphics." Really big ones, most probably. Oh, and there's also an online mode for "hardcore versus action". According to Tecmo, "It just wouldn't be DOA if you couldn't play with each other!" How we laughed.

Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2 is out on Xbox 360 this "holiday season", which is American for "Christmas."