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Dead Rising demo out now

Crush zombies for a giggle.

Capcom has released a Dead Rising demo onto Xbox Live Marketplace as of 11am BST today.

The demo weighs in at a pretty hefty 1014.61MB, and play is limited to 15 minutes in one section of the mall.

Major Nelson alerts us to the fact the demo is not available in Mexico, Germany, Australia, New Zealand or Asia.

We're still downloading it, as we suspect many of you are, and we'd love to hear what you make of it. You know, down there.

Dead Rising is due out in the States on August 8th, and should be with us here in Europe on September 8th. It's Capcom's first big Xbox 360 exclusive, providing you don't count Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting for Xbox Live Arcade, and if you do then well it's the second isn't it you silly person.