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New Pokémon Snap - Lugia location, how to wake Lugia up and Seafloor Roar request explained

How to photograph the guardian of the sea.

Lugia is one of the legendary Pokémon you can photograph in New Pokémon Snap.

If you want to take its picture, you first need to know Lugia's location and, if you're aiming for a four star photo, how to wake Lugia up.

Once you've awoken the guardian of the sea, you'll have the chance to complete the Seafloor Roar LenTalk request.

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Lugia's location in New Pokémon Snap

Finding Lugia in New Pokémon Snap involves completing a number of specific actions, but, first, you need to solve the puzzle of the glowing crystabloom in the Lental Seafloor to unlock the Pink Illumina Orbs for the Maricopia Islands.

Once you've done that, return to the Undersea course at Research Level 3.

New Pokémon Snap - How to find LugiaWatch on YouTube

If you want to find Lugia, you must take the alternative route through this course which is offered in its opening stages; simply look out for the Clawitzer and, when it appears, perform a scan, making sure you select the new route when it's offered.

After this you'll find yourself travelling through an underwater cavern which is home to a number of Chinchou. You need to travel through this cave, until you reach the area containing Mantine.

Journey to this area.

Here you'll be able to see a Lumineon sitting in between two Finneon with a Crystabloom close by. When you've spotted these Pokémon, make sure your capture lens is pointing slightly to the right of the location as you continue to descend.

Keep a close watch on the waters surrounding you until a Lanturn comes into view and, when it does, hit it with an Illumina Orb.

Look for this Lanturn.

You need to hit the Lanturn before it swims upwards, which will occur shortly before the Wailord appears. Thankfully, you will have a good amount of time to achieve this, but, if you're having trouble, we recommend keeping your camera zoomed in since it may help you judge your throwing distance.

If you hit the Lanturn successfully, it will swim downwards, closely followed by a Sharpedo.

Next, you need to locate the two Frillish which are sitting on a ledge. Now, keep your camera pointed in their direction until Wailord swims past you.

Look towards these two Frillish.

Once the giant Pokémon is gone, you'll be able to see that the two Frillish have caught Lanturn. You'll now have to hit Lanturn with a second Illumina Orb, which can be quite difficult as there will be other Pokémon swimming past you.

This moment is also an excellent opportunity to snap a four star picture for both Lanturn and Frillish.

If you manage to free Lanturn from the grasp of the Frillish, it will swim down to the seafloor and await your arrival.

Now you need to keep an eye on the right-hand wall and, when the moment comes, scan to take the new alternative route.

It's important to remember that this route is only available if you properly assist Lanturn and, if you wish to ever revisit, you need to complete the actions listed above every time.

Lanturn will take you to a small cave where you'll find Lugia asleep.

Taking a photo of the sleeping Lugia will count towards an entry in your Photodex, but there is a way to wake Lugia up.

How to complete Seafloor Roar by waking Lugia up in New Pokémon Snap

Upon finding Lugia in New Pokémon Snap, you'll discover it's having a nice nap.One thing, however, you should have learnt by now is that Pokémon photography is not about witnessing creatures enjoy their natural habitat.

To wake Lugia up, you need to hit the two Crystablooms surrounding it with Illumina Orbs.

The first, and the easiest to hit, can be found right next to Lugia's head.

The second Crystabloom is located on a ledge above Lugia. If you're having trouble finding it, look directly above Lugia and try to find the sleeping Magikarp - the Crystabloom will be located to the right of this fish.

If you're having trouble hitting the Crystablooms, we recommend keeping your camera zoomed in as it will help you judge your throwing distance better by allowing you to see where the Illumina Orbs land.

Once you've successfully hit both Illumina Orbs, Lugia will finally wake up. It will stand still for a moment, giving you the perfect opportunity to take a photo, before swimming off into the ruins.

You'll be given even more photo opportunities with Lugia once it's swimming around this area, along with the chance to complete the Seafloor Roar LenTalk request.

Seafloor Roar LenTalk Request in New Pokémon Snap

Seafloor Roar is one of the many LenTalk Requests you'll be able to complete while playing New Pokémon Snap and it's focused around taking a specific picture of Lugia.

To complete Seafloor Roar you must successfully wake Lugia up and have it swimming around the ruins of the Undersea course.

As the name of the request suggests, you'll need to take a picture of Lugia roaring. To do this you need to throw Fluffruit at Lugia to incite its rage and then quickly camera a picture of the results.

Thankfully, this is rather easy to do as, at one point, Lugia will swim directly in front of you.

Hit Lugia with a Fluffruit as it passes you.

If you manage to hit Lugia, then, close to the end of the course, it will come to a stop close to your pod and let out a mighty roar. We do recommend tossing out Fluffruit at Lugia when it's in this spot to ensure it follows through.

Quickly take a photo of Lugia roaring and select it during the Photo Evaluation to complete the Seafloor Roar request. Doing so will earn you the Todd Surprised profile icon.

If you'd like to learn more, visit our New Pokémon Snap walkthrough.

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