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New Pokémon Snap - Mew locations in the Jungle Day and Night courses and Myth of the Jungle request explained

How to find the original mythical Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap.

Mew is one of the legendary Pokémon you can photograph in New Pokémon Snap.

To obtain this picture, you need to know Mew's location and, unlike other legendary Pokémon like Suicune or Lugia, Mew can appear in two courses - Jungle (Night) and Jungle (Day).

Finding Mew in one of these courses will allow you to complete the Myth of the Jungle LenTalk request. Sadly, this doesn't involve throwing apples at Mew in space like in the original Pokémon Snap.

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Mew's location in the Jungle (Night) course of New Pokémon Snap explained

Mew makes its first appearance in New Pokémon Snap on Research Level 2 for the Jungle (Night) course.

To summon Mew, immediately look behind you at the very start of the course. There you'll find two Morelulls watching you and, as you stare back, use the Melody Player.

This will cause Mew, hidden within a ball of pink energy, to appear and fly past you.

Next, you need to hit this ball with a Fluffruit as quickly as possible to make Mew appear. The moment you see the little legendary, quickly take its picture before Mew vanishes.

Destroy Mew's energy ball by tossing Fluffruit at it.

Destroying Mew's energy ball and photographing it before Mew disappears on its own accord will cause Mew to reappear at a later point in the course. You will need to repeat this process twice to grant yourself the best chance for photographing Mew on the Jungle (Night) course.

Mew will make its next appearance just before the first Crystabloom on the Jungle (Night) course. Remember - you need to destroy its energy ball with a Fluffruit and photograph it.

We recommend avoiding the alternative route which takes you directly past the swamp, because the default route makes it easy to photograph Mew at it's next location. This will be coming down from the right-hand side just as you're turning to past the swamp.

You now need to wait till you reach the ruins and, when you do, start using the Melody Player. If you've managed to correctly photograph Mew during the energy ball stage, then it will appear in front of the ruins. Now you need to take it's photograph again and it will once more vanish.

Finally, ensure you're looking in the direction the pod is heading in, so that you can capture Mew appearing directly in front of Neo-One, granting you the perfect photo opportunity. You can even toss an Illumina Orb at Mew for some added sparkle!

Mew's location in the Jungle (Day) course of New Pokémon Snap explained

If you want to find Mew in the Jungle (Day) course in New Pokémon Snap, then you first need to fully complete the interactions listed above during the Jungle (Night) course.

New Pokémon Snap - Where to photograph Mew in the Jungle coursesWatch on YouTube

After you've had a close up experience with Mew, it will start to appear in the Jungle (Day) course on Research Level 3.

Mew will make its first appearance at the beginning of this course and, if you hit it with an Illumina Orb before Mew vanishes, it will reappear further along in the course.

Mew will look happy when you hit with an Illumina Orb.

If you manage this, Mew will reappear behind you just before the first Crystabloom in the Jungle (Day) course, before flying around the swamp and vanishing once it's reached the Venusaur asleep on the far-right hand side of the course.

The easiest way to hit Mew with an Illumina Orb at this point is to look behind you once you've passed the Abrok slithering across the Neo-One's path. This way you'll be able to hit Mew with an Illumina Orb the moment it appears.

Mew will appear behind you after you've passed the Abrok.

Mew will make its third appearance at the ruins; where it will appear in the foliage before flying by on your left-hand side, which makes it easy to orb. Remember - you need to have hit Mew with two Illumina Orbs in the first two locations to make it appear at the ruins.

Finally, if you've hit Mew with an Illumina Orb in all three locations, it will appear near the waterfall, flying low so you can interact with it easily.

Myth of the Jungle LenTalk Request in New Pokémon Snap explained

Myth of the Jungle is the dedicated LenTalk Request for Mew in New Pokémon Snap.

To complete this request, you first need to have Mew appear in all its possible locations during Research Level 3 on the Jungle (Night) course. After that, you'll want to play through the Jungle (Day) course on Research Level 3, completing the steps we've outlined above.

If you're successful, then Mew will appear near the waterfall at the end of the course - it will fly down from the foliage on your right and hide slightly behind a tree.

Once Mew's by the tree, hit it with an Illumina Orb to make it fly down into the area left of the tree.

When Mew's in this area, it will be interested in Fluffruit.

Here you'll be able to toss Fluffruit towards Mew and, while it's eating, make sure you snap a picture of it enjoying a tasty treat to complete this request.

We thought we'd give Mew its privacy.

Don't worry if Mew's not facing the camera - it just needs to be the subject of the photo and eating!

If you'd like to learn more, check out our New Pokémon Snap walkthrough and legendary Pokémon guide.